Four optical illusions for the dirty mind

Optical illusions are fun, but coupled with the dirty minded they are even better.

Here are four optical illusions of every day events, where some people see something completely different.

Dad poses with mom on a boat

Optical illusion: Dad poses with mom

In this picture a couple is posing on a boat, while it looks like an obscene spreading pose.

Broom against wall

Optical illusion: Broom against wall

In this picture there is a broom against the wall, but it is easy to mistake as a naked female body.

Three little piggies

Optical illusion: Three little piggies

In this picture there are three pigs, which can looks like a man's groins when looked from far.

Dad kissing a baby

Optical illusion: Dad kissing a baby

In this picture a dad is kissing a baby, but the combination of head, shoulder and ear make it look like there's a man's behind shown.

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